Today’s automobiles feature more sophisticated and sensitive electronic components and systems than ever. These advances have resulted in much safer, more efficient, and more connected vehicles. They have also created new challenges for testing and verification like:

  • Debugging and verifying CAN FD, CAN, LIN, FlexRay, BroadR-Reach and MOST networks
  • High power testing for hybrid/electric vehicles
  • Verifying in-car wireless systems
  • Evaluating new components, such as MEMS sensors, LED drivers, and LEDs
  • EMI troubleshooting and testing

Your roadmap for reliable, efficient, and comprehensive automotive testing starts here.

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Recommended Equipment

MDO4000 Series Oscilloscopes

The oscilloscope that includes a logic analyzer, spectrum analyzer and protocol analyzer – all synchronized, for an integrated view. CAN FD decoding, 20M points and simultaneous 3-bus decoding make this scope an ideal ECU debugging tool.

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MDO3000 Series Oscilloscopes

The integrated oscilloscope with six instruments in one. Now with CAN FD capabilities, with 2-bus decoding plus 10M points for faster debugging.

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MSO/DPO5000 Series Oscilloscopes

Turbocharged analysis machine with up to 2 GHz bandwidth, 16 digital channels and record length to 250M points. Available with automated BroadR-Reach (100BASE-T1) and MOST compliance testing.

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Source Measure Units (SMU)

Precisely source voltage or current and simultaneously measure with instruments that integrate the capabilities of a power supply, DMM, current source, and electronic load.

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Power Analyzers

For fast, accurate, complete testing of efficiency, energy consumption, and electrical performance to the latest standards.

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USB Spectrum Analyzers

From Basic RF measurements to Advanced Analysis, the RSA Series offers the full features of a benchtop spectrum analyzer at a fraction of the price.

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