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BERTScope Digital Pre-emphasis

The DPP Digital Pre-emphasis Processor and LE Linear Equalizer are no longer available for purchase. The Tektronix BSX Series BERTScope® are recommended replacements. Information on these products is located at®-bit-error-rate-tester. Refurbished Digital Pre-emphasis Processor may be available from Tektronix Encore,

Tektronix offers several Digital Signal Processing accessories to serve high speed serial designer needs in areas of Pre-emphasis or Equalization when using the BSA Series Bit Error Rate Tester.

The Digital Pre-emphasis Processor DPP Series takes in single-ended inputs of data and clock and conditions the signal by adding precision amounts of pre-emphasis for use with Bit Error Rate Testers. Nine Tap Linear Equalization supporting speeds up to 32Gb/s is supported with the LE320 Series remote head, offering compact two channel precision equalization.

BERTScope Digital Pre-emphasis



Range of operation 8Gb/s to 32Gb/s Supports emerging 100G, COMM standards and similar technologies operating with physical line rates up to 32Gb/s.
Standard 4 tap (optional 9 Tap) equalization +-20dB dynamic range on 4 standard taps and optional 9 taps filter designs supports a wide range design functions.
High Pass Filter designs Required to model signal Pre-Emphasis or Continuous Time Linear Equalization operations.
Low Pass Filter designs Support channel or backplane emulation.
General purpose signal amplification Apply 20dB low noise gain to any differential signal.
Channel or Backplane De-Embed operations Open eye and compensate for loss effects of long cables or interconnects.
0V-2.7V variable gain with return to zero Precision output level controls permit signaling from “0” (Return to Zero) to 2.7 V differentially.
Standalone operation Operated on a BERTScope or a user’s standalone PC supporting a wide set of operational models.
Fixed tap delay design Eliminates external reference clock requirements.
Jitter pass through Allows generator base sinusoidal, random jitter and bounded uncorrelated jitter components to pass from input to output un-impeded.
User configurable DDJ Through precision channel loss modeling, fine grain DDJ synthesis is offered to designers.
S-Parameter Importer Allows users to define the LE320 channel response as an approximation of a user loaded touchstone file of a physical system.
Datasheet DPPRACK
Datasheet Accessory
Description Datasheet RACKMOUNT KIT FOR DPP125C
Datasheet Datasheet Accessory