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Set-up Redundant 2022-7 IP Networks Confidently with PRISM

By Michael Brett

Setting up complex IP networks in your broadcasting facility typically comes with a number of challenges. One of the more difficult – yet critically important – challenges involves ensuring network reliability and availability. Fortunately, the SMPTE 2022-7 standard assists with these potential issues by defining a method for switching between redundant streams of SMPTE 2022 packets.

For broadcasters moving to live video over IP, implementation of 2022-1 is must. As detailed in the video below, the way to get there is with the PRISM platform from Tektronix.

PRISM uses the -7 protocol to provide you with information about what is happening on your network over time -- even if it isn't currently affecting the network. It gives you forewarning of potential issues -- and allows you to fix them -- before disaster strikes.

To learn more about -7 and the PRISM media monitoring and analysis platform, check out the video below.


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