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Baluns and Transformers

These products are no longer available for purchase.

Picosecond Pulse Labs is now part of Tektronix. The same leading performance you have come to expect from Picosecond Pulse Labs products is now available with the worldwide support and backing of Tektronix.

Tektronix offers a variety of inverting transformers and differential pulse splitters (baluns). These baluns transform an unbalanced 50 ohm input into a balanced 100 ohm differential output, and are made of passive components and are therefore bi-directional.

Tektronix baluns are an effective means for using single-ended test equipment (VNA's, pattern generators) for taking differential measurements.

Many serial data standards have modest differential s-parameter test requirements. For these serial data applications a pair of baluns and a single-ended VNA provide a very cost effective measurement solution.

Baluns and Transformers
PSPL5315 17 GHz Differential Pulse Splitter Datasheet

Literature Number: 1PW-30551-1
PSPL5320B 11 GHz Differential Pulse Splitter

Literature Number: 1PW-30552-0
PSPL5310R Phase-Matched Balun Datasheet

Literature Number: 1PW-30548-0
PSPL Test and Measurement Component Selection Guide
Sales tool for PSPL Components and Accessories Data Sheet

This is a component guide with ordering information for Tektronix PSPL Pulse Generators, including Amplifiers and Drivers, Attenuators, Baluns and Transformers, DC Blocks, Bias Tees, Low-Pass Filters, Impulse Forming Networks, Power Dividers and Pick-off tees components.
Part Number: 55W-30714-3