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THP0301 Series Passive 10x Voltage Probe, Datasheet

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The THP0301 probes are 300 MHz, 10X passive voltage probes with 10 MΩ input resistance. These probes are for use with the THS3000 Series oscilloscopes and are color coded to match the oscilloscope's channel input connectors, front-panel channel selector buttons, and the displayed waveforms.

Key features
  • 300 MHz bandwidth for the THS3000 series handheld oscilloscopes

  • 10X attenuation
  • 1.2 m length
  • Low-frequency computer and telecom measurements
  • Power supplies
  • Low-frequency amplifiers
  • Inverter design
  • Power conversion

Safely measure from mV to kV

The THP0301 probes have a CAT III safety rating which matches the safety rating on the THS3000 Series oscilloscopes enabling you to safely measure voltage ranges from mV to kV. You'll be able to measure anything from micro-electronics to heavy-duty medium-voltage electrical applications, making it possible to obtain accurate measurements in mixed-signal environments with separate ground references.

For a complete list of compatible oscilloscopes, refer to the Tektronix Oscilloscope Probe & Accessory Selector Tool at


All specifications are guaranteed unless noted otherwise. All specifications apply to all models unless noted otherwise.

BandwidthDC to 300 MHz
Probe length1.2 m
Compensation range10 pF to 22 pF
Input capacitance11 pF
Input resistance10 MΩ
Maximum input voltage300 v CAT III

Ordering information

(Yellow) DC to 300 MHz, 10X high-voltage probe 1
(Blue) DC to 300 MHz, 10X high-voltage probe 1
(Magenta) DC to 300 MHz, 10X high-voltage probe 1
(Green) DC to 300 MHz, 10X high-voltage probe 1

1 One of each probe is included as a standard accessory with the THS3000 series oscilloscopes.

Optional accessories
Probe accessory replacement kit
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