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  • Viewing Hoods
  • Blank Plug-in Chassis
  • Blank Panel
  • Plug-in Storage Compartment

The viewing accessories normally mount on the instrument graticule cover. Some may fit camera-mounted bezels. If you intend to use a camera on your instrument, check with your Tektronix Sales Engineer for bezel-viewer compatibility.



Blank Plug-in Chassis

Available for all Tektronix mainframes. The 11000 Series provides a blank plug-in only. The 7000 series includes a bare printed circuit card.

Blank Panel

When operating the TM 5000/7000 Series mainframes with less than a full complement of plug-ins, the blank panel may be used to cover an unused compartment. The panel for the 7000 series is also good for EMC shielding.

Plug-in Storage Compartment

The plug-in storage compartment provides storage space for probes, cables, "tees;", accessories, and small tools. Inside dimensions: 250 mm long x 51 mm wide x 106 mm high (9-7/8 x 2 x 4-1/4 inches).

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