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Software Waveform Monitors For Non-Linear Editing Systems


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Features & Benefits

  • Software based plug-in waveform monitor for Avid Media Composer Adrenaline, Media Composer, Symphony, and Xpress Pro.
  • NEW AlarmVu Display provides summary view of any component or composite limit violations that might jeopardize your content and lead to rejection of material intended for broadcast.
  • Tektronix patented displays that enable you to quickly identify what needs to be done to correct problem spots.
  • Error log provides proof of compliant material.
  • Easy set up of limits to trigger alarm violations.
  • Targeted features and setups appeal to the needs of the editors and the engineers.


  • Monitor for AVID Media Composer, Symphony, Adrenaline, and Xpress Pro NLE applications.  The WFMNLE enables:
    • Identification of component and composite gamut errors
    • Monitoring of color correction changes
    • Scene matching

High Quality Video Waveform Monitoring in an Entry-level, Easy-to-Use Package

The waveform monitor is a necessary tool during the creation and development of material in a Non-Linear Editing (NLE) environment.  Unfortunately, many NLE suites do not have a dedicated waveform monitor. The three main reasons for this are:

Waveform monitor solutions are perceived as difficult to use for tasks specific to editing.

Due to reduced budgets, many facilities cannot afford a dedicated monitor - most resort to sharing one - some even take the risk of not having one.

Some edit suites are tight on space.  A hardware-based solution takes up some space and sometimes produces fan noise.

The WFMNLE addresses all three issues for those cases where a traditional dedicated hardware based waveform monitor isn’t desirable.

Ease of Use. In the WFMNLE, Tektronix implemented an entry level solution which includes the elements of a monitor that are absolutely essential for the editing process.  The menu structures are simple, intuitive, and easy to navigate through.  The NEW AlarmVu Display provides summary view of any potential component or composite limit violations that might jeopardize your material.  The traditional waveform and vector displays are present, as are the Tektronix patented Arrowhead and Diamond displays that help quickly identify what parameters lead to component and composite gamut errors. 

Space Savings.  The WFMNLE is a software-only application that is seamlessly integrated into Avid’s NLE environments.   No external hardware - no fan noise.

Entry Level Price Performance. The price of the WFMNLE is a fraction of hardware-based solutions. Now you can install a waveform monitor in all your editing suites.

Identify if you have a problem

AlarmVu Display

This simple display provides a quick and easy way for you to see if your material, on a frame by frame basis, is subject to violating any limits that would lead to component or composite errors, which in turn would jeopardize the quality of your material.  If it’s RED, there’s a limit violation. If it’s GREEN, there’s not.  If it’s YELLOW, there has been a violation in the past.  Hints on what to do next are available on the screen.

It doesn’t get any simpler than that!


Identify what needs to be done

The Diamond, Arrowhead, and Picture with Bright-up Displays provide intuitive and unique insight to where a problem might be in your material.

Picture with Bright-up Display

This display allows you to “spatially” determine where there is a problem area.  This display consists of a picture of the material you are editing with a RED dot in the area of the screen where the problem is.


Diamond Display

This simple Tektronix patented display helps you determine which components (R, G, or B) might be the cause of creating an RGB component limit violation.  


Arrowhead Display

Arrowhead is also a Tektronix patented display.  It helps you determine that there is a composite limit violation (either NTSC or PAL) and provides visual guidance on what needs to be done to correct it - without it’s help, your material might not meet broadcast requirements and be rejected.


Traditional Displays and In-depth Insight

The WFMNLE comes with the traditional Waveform and Vector Displays.  In Waveform, the user can select line (Y-only and paraded) and field views.  The Vector display aids in scene matching and also provides a quick and easy way to determine if the flesh tones are right.


Create a Log of Errors

In many instances, it’s necessary to create a log of any potential limit violations that have occurred.  After editing, you can run the material through the timeline and easily generate a log.  Afterwards, you just go back to the problem frames identified in the log to fix the potential problems.  This log could also be used as proof of compliance if your clients request it.



User-Configurable Limit Threshold Settings

The WFMNLE allows you to set the threshold limits for checking content compliance based on the sensitivity you desire or your customers demand.  The alarms in the AlarmVu display and the entries in the error log are triggered based on these limits. 

Limit Settings




Composite Limits (NTSC)

-29 IRE … 140 IRE

-24 IRE, 120 IRE

Composite Limits (PAL)   

- 300 mV … 1000mV

-230mV, 930mV

RGB Component Limits    

- 56 mV … 770 mV   

-35 mV, 735 mV

Luma Limits

-8% … 110%

-1%, 103%

Out-of-Limits Tolerance Filter

The WFMNLE application enables the user to set the “Out-of-limits” sensitivity.  When this is set to default, the monitor complies to EBU Tech. Rec. R103-2000 and IEEE Standard 205 for SD.  These standards recognize that very brief violations resulting in small dots on the screen being out of limits, may not be a problem in practice.  Thus, a filter is used to reduce the importance of these transients when checking for limit violations, ignoring small dots that are only a little over the limit.  A setting of 100% corresponds to maximum importance placed on the transients (no filtering), while 0% corresponds to minimum importance (maximum filtering). The waveforms show the filtered video while the pictures show unfiltered video.

Waveform and Vector Display Settings

The Waveform and Vector displays can be easily configured to showcase or focus on specific areas of the frame.



   Affected Displays

Waveform Modes

RGB Parade (line), YCbCr Parade (line), Y-only (line) and Field


Line Select

One, All, Variable

Waveform, Vector, Arrowhead, Diamond

Trace Intensity

Waveform, Graticule

Waveform, Vector, Arrowhead, Diamond

Avid NLE Compatibility

The WFMNLE is available as a software plug-in application on a selection of AVID Non Linear Editing Systems and is compatible with Windows and Mac.

Compatibility Table

Avid NLE Application

Operating System

Avid Media Composer Adrenaline

Windows XP, Mac OS X (up to 10.3)

Avid NewsCutter Adrenaline FX

Windows XP

Avid Xpress Pro

Windows XP, Mac OS X (up to 10.3)

Avid NewsCutter XP

Windows XP

Avid Symphony

Windows 2000 or NT, Mac OS X (up to 10.3)

Avid Media Composer 9000XL

Windows 2000 or NT, Mac OS X (up to 10.3)

Avid Media Composer 1000XL

Windows 2000 or NT, Mac OS X (up to 10.3)

Avid Film Composer XL

Windows 2000 or NT, Mac OS X (up to 10.3)

Avid Media Station XL

Windows 2000 or NT, Mac OS X (up to 10.3)

Avid NewsCutter Effects

Windows 2000 or NT

Ordering Information


Software-only Video Monitor for Non Linear Editors

Includes: Authorization Key to activate software, CD with software, installation guide, softcopy manual.

Note: The Authorization Key, CD, and installation guide will be mailed.  Upon request, the Authorization Key can also be emailed.  The application software is also available for download.


Opt. AW - Compatible with Avid NLE on Windows operating system.

Opt. AM - Compatible with Avid NLE on Mac OS 10.x operating system.

60 Day Demonstration

Download a FREE 60 day demonstration copy at or contact your Tektronix representative to receive a CD version.