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Fundamentals of Radar Measurements

Modern radar design has created complicated pulses that present significant measurement challenges. Improvements to range, resolution and immunity to interference have required phase modulated pulses, frequency chirped pulses and very narrow pulses, with many of these exhibiting high bandwidth.

Tektronix provides a broad selection of test equipment suitable for radar pulses. There are instruments with specialized pulse measurements and measurement bandwidths up to 26.5 GHz, and signal generation equipment with radar pulse synthesis capability to near 18 GHz of bandwidth.

The radar measurements discussed here are all pulse measurements. Although there are several continuous transmission types of radar, primarily doppler, the great majority of radars are pulsed. Theequipment and software solutions discussed here have been optimized to provide measurement flexibility and performance.

This primer addresses the needs for pulse generation and measurements, the automated measurements that are available, explanation of just how the automated measurements are made, and how pulses are generated.