Using the 5 Series MSO FastFrame Segmented Memory

Communications systems, RADAR, and ultrasonic sensors all rely on signals that transfer information in bursts followed by dead time. Processor interrupt pulses can occur intermittently and infrequently. Conventional signal-shot acquisitions on digital oscilloscopes capture not only critical pulses or burst information, but also the deadtime between them. This consumes acquisition memory and limits the number of bursts you can look at.

This Technical Brief explains how to use FastFrame™ segmented memory on the 5 Series MSO to capture more critical signal information by essentially ignoring deadtime.

The brief also covers several examples:

  • Characterizing intermittent pulses such as interrupts
  • Measuring noise and gathering statistics on infrequent pulses
  • Decoding I2C packets
  • Comparing signals under test to known-good frames

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