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See What Others are Saying about Tektronix' TDSDVI Compliance Test Solution

Mark Williams, Director of Technical Marketing, PC Display Products Silicon Image

"As the leading provider of DVI semiconductor solutions, we need tools that efficiently and reliably verify conformance to both the DVI 1.0 specification and DVI Test and Measurement Guide test methodology. Tektronix' TDSDVI software, coupled with its TDS7404 DPO oscilloscope, enable us to quickly perform compliance testing without the need for complicated and time-consuming manual calculations - yielding consistently accurate and repeatable results.

"The one-touch testing offered by TDSDVI allows our technical staff to quickly measure eye diagrams and assess their DVI compliance, with virtually no training. Previous methodology required skilled engineers to record eye diagrams and then make tedious manual calculations to draw the eye mask, taking nearly 30 minutes per measurement.

Now using the TDSDVI software, this process takes less than five minutes per measurement. An added benefit is the TDSDVI report generator, which enables us to easily provide extensive measurement details to our customers. The TDS7404 DPO helps us to quickly pinpoint issues, and lets us perform exhaustive testing per the DVI Test and Measurement Guide without compromise."