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Tektronix is committed to supporting the unique needs of electrical engineering students and educators with the following resources.

Fundamentals Library

The Tektronix Fundamentals Library is a comprehensive set of 15 technical papers that cover basic concepts to advanced test and measurement techniques.

Basic Electronics Lab

Starting at $1,744 (or $3,734 with arbitrary function generator)*

The basic oscilloscopes in this lab offer signal visualization at the lowest cost, and they're simple and intuitive to use – even for first time users. When paired with the AFG3000 Series arbitrary/function generator, students will also be able to explore fundamental electrical engineering topics.

Advanced Electronics Lab

Starting at $4,161 (or $6,151 with arbitrary function generator)*

This lab allows students to visualize and analyze signals with a single, easy-to-use instrument, troubleshoot today's fast digital designs, and rapidly navigate waveforms. With the Tektronix bench oscilloscopes included in these labs, students can explore more advanced electrical engineering topics.

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*Add Signal Generation with the AFG3000 to either lab (additional cost applies).