Automated quality control for file-based content

Content Analysis for Quality Control (QC) of file-based video ingested from different sources, encoded at different bit rates / formats and utilizing different compression standards for SD/HD, VOD or IPTV delivery presents considerable challenges to QC teams.

Cerify is a fully automated system for verifying/checking file-based content prior to transmission or use. Solutions range from windows-based PC standalone workstations to enterprise-wide solutions that interface to 3rd party automation or asset management systems.

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Automated objective testing Improve consistency of results, levels of quality and find errors many visual inspections will miss
Processes multiple files simultaneously on standard PC and server platforms Cost-effective, software-only solution that runs on customer’s PC hardware
User definable test templates Enable Conformance Agreements for content exchange between content suppliers and broadcasters
Logs all testing and results Detailed reports provide an audit trail of testing
Multi-user intuitive browser interface Web-based user control for local and remote sites
Integrates with video servers and automation Streamlined automated workflow
User definable quality levels Allows QC managers to define required quality levels for different content types, uses and delivery channels
Configurable by the number of channels required Lowest entry price for Auto-QC, and enables expansion from a single channel as throughput increases
Straightforward email-friendly template sharing across all installed Cerify solutions Work to the same standards as the content distribution ingest or push standards back to content creation
CeriTalk interface Enables Automation and Asset Management systems to control testing and receive results
Photo Sensitive Epilepsy (PSE) Enables detection of video material that may cause epileptic seizures in certain individuals


Cerify® and Dolby® DP600

The need for reliable, consistent quality control of audio and video streams is constant. By integrating Cerify and Dolby's DP600 Program Optimizer into your workflow, the entire quality control process is automated. Learn more by reading the technical brief integrating Cerify and Dolby for a winning quality duo.

Fact Sheet
Integrating Cerify® and Digital Rapids Transcode Manager

Read the technical brief on how the integration between Cerify and Digital Rapids Transcode Manager is accomplished leveraging Tektronix' CeriTalk API.

Fact Sheet
Challenges of Quality Control for File-Based Video

This Cerify application note discusses 5 critical issues content delivery services are facing to ensure correctly repurposed files are reaching broadcast and content-on-demand audiences.

Technical Brief
How to Correctly Detect Aspect Ratio

Accurately detecting the aspect ratio of the non-black areas of a picture is essentials for correct playout. Learn more on how Cerify® detects aspect ratios on both SD and HD formats.

Fact Sheet
Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

Monitoring and quality control of Adaptive Bitrate Streaming platforms is as important as the ABR systems themselves. This white paper explains how to deliver the highest possible quality video and audio programming over a robust and reliable service delivery platform.

A Guide to Ensuring Digital Video Service Quality A Guide to Ensuring Digital Video Service Quality Primer
A Guide to Automating Quality Control in File-based Workflows

This primer outlines the evolving workflows that employ file-based, or tapeless technologies for the production, editing, archiving and broadcast of today’s video and audio content.

Essential Guide to Automating Quality Control in File-based Workflows

This guide provides an overview of file based workflows and the challenges related to quality control of file based content.

Technical Brief
A Guide to Understanding QoE to Improve Viewer Experience

See some of the most frequent types of QoE errors and how to fix/prevent them.

Content Readiness in Cable Workflows

 Why content readiness is such an important part of competitive readiness.

Technical Brief
Closed Caption Monitoring & Analysis

Let Tektronix guide you through the ABC’s of closed caption monitoring and analysis. We’ll provide a background on the FCC rules and the requirements for establishing best practices. In addition, we will provide some troubleshooting tips and real world examples to help you stay in compliance and keep your customers happy.

Reference Guide
In this video, Bob Olson of the California Channel talks about their workflow and how they use Cerify for Automating the QC of their file based operations.
0h 2m 40s
Fred Wood from Sony talks about  integrating Cerify into their Media Backbone Enterprise Management System. Using the Abstract Service Layer, Cerify QC reports are passed to the Content Management…
0h 2m 56s

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