Keithley 4200A-SCS Parameter Analyzer

Keithley 4200A-SCS Parameter Analyzer

Accelerate research, reliability and failure analysis studies of semiconductor devices, materials and process development with the 4200A-SCS. The highest performance parameter analyzer, it delivers synchronizing current-voltage (I-V), capacitance-voltage (C-V) and ultra-fast pulsed I-V measurements.

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DC Current-Voltage
(I-V) Range

10 aA - 1A
0.2 µV - 210 V

(C-V) Range

1 kHz - 10 MHz
± 30V DC bias

Pulsed I-V

±40 V (80 V p-p), ±800 mA
200 MSa/sec, 5 ns sampling rate


Keithley 4200A-SCS Parameter Analyzer

Parametric insight, fast and clear.


Making connections to your bold discoveries has never been easier. The 4200A-SCS Parameter Analyzer reduces characterization complexity and test setup by up to 50%, providing clear, uncompromised measurement and analysis capability. Plus, embedded measurement expertise—an industry first—provides test guidance and gives you supreme confidence in your results.


  • Built-in measurement videos in English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean
  • Jump start your testing with hundreds of user-modifiable application tests
  • Automated real-time parameter extraction, data graphing, arithmetic functions

Measure. Switch. Repeat.


The 4200A-CVIV Multi-Switch automatically switches between I-V and C-V measurements without re-cabling or lifting the prober tips. Unlike competing products, the four-channel 4200A-CVIV display provides local visual insight for quick test setup and easy troubleshooting when unexpected results occur.


  • Move C-V measurement to any device terminal without re-cabling
  • User-configurable for low current capability
  • Personalize the names of output channels
  • View real-time test status

Characterize. Customize. Maximize.


Put simply, the 4200A-SCS is completely customizable and fully upgradeable so you can perform electrical characterization and evaluation of semiconductor devices, new materials, active/passive components, wafer level reliability, failure analysis, electrochemistry or virtually any type of sample.


  • NBTI/PBTI testing
  • Random telegraph noise
  • Non-volatile memory devices
  • Potentiostat application tests

Integrated solution with analytical probers and cryogenic controllers.


The 4200A-SCS Parameter Analyzer supports many manual and semi-automated wafer probers and cryogenic temperature controllers, including Cascade MicroTech, Lucas Labs/Signatone, MicroManipulator, Wentworth Laboratories, LakeShore Model 336 cryogenic temperature controller.


  • "Point and click" test sequencing
  • "Manual" prober mode tests prober functionality
  • Fake prober mode enables debugging without removing commands

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Datasheet Model Description Pricing
View Datasheet 4200A-SCS-PK1
High Resolution IV
210V/100mA, 0.1 fA resolution
For two- and three-terminal devices, MOSFET, CMOS characterization Package 4200A-SCS-PK1 includes:
  • 4200A-SCS parameter analyzer
  • (2) 4200-SMU Module
  • (1) 4200-PA Preamp
  • (1) 8101-PIV Test fixture with sample devices
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View Datasheet 4200A-SCS-PK2
High Resolution IV & CV
210V/100mA, 0.1 fA resolution, 1kHz - 10MHz
For high κ dielectric, deep submicron CMOS characterization Package 4200A-SCS-PK2 includes:
  • 4200A-SCS parameter analyzer
  • (2) 4200-SMU Module
  • (1) 4200-PA Preamp
  • (1) 4210-CVU Capacitance-Voltage Module
  • (1) 8101-PIV Test fixture with sample devices
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View Datasheet 4200A-SCS-PK3
High Resolution and Power IV & CV
210V/1A, 0.1 fA resolution, 1kHz - 10MHz
For power devices, high κ dielectric, deep submicron CMOS device characterization Package 4200A-SCS-PK3 includes:
  • 4200A-SCS parameter analyzer
  • (2) 4200-SMU Module
  • (2) 4210-SMU
  • (1) 4200-PA Preamp
  • (1) 4210-CVU Capacitance-Voltage Module
  • (1) 8101-PIV Test fixture with sample devices
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View Datasheet 4200-BTI-A
Ultra-fast NBTI/PBTI
For sophisticated NBTI and PBTI measurements on leading-edge silicon CMOS technology Package 4200-BTI-A includes:
  • (1) 4225-PMU Ultra-Fast I-V Module
  • (2) 4225-RPM Remote Preamplifier/Switch Modules
  • Automated Characterization Suite (ACS) Software
  • Ultra-Fast BTI Test Project Module
  • Cabling
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Semiconductor Reliability

Perform complex reliability tests while letting the 4200A-SCS take care of the complex coding. Included projects like Hot Carrier Injection Degradation (HCI) give you a jump start on device analysis.


  • Combine DC I-V, C-V, and pulse measurements in one set of tests
  • Included support for many probe stations and external instruments
  • Easy to use cycling system allows repeat measurements without coding

C-V Measurement for High Impedance Applications

Use Keithley’s custom Very Low Frequency C-V Technique to analyze the capacitance of your high resistance sample. This technique is performed using only source measure unit (SMU) instruments but can be combined with a 4210-CVU to perform higher frequency measurements as well.


  • .01 to 10 Hz frequency range with sensitivity of 1 pF to 10 nF
  • 3½-digit typical resolution, minimum typical of 10 fF

Non-volatile Memory

Put your new technologies to the test with thorough pulsed I-V characterization. The 4200A-SCS comes with support and ready-to-run tests for the latest in NVRAM technologies from floating gate flash to ReRAM and FeRAM. Dual sourcing and measuring capabilities in current and voltage allow both transient and I-V domain characterization.

VCSEL Testing

Multiple, concurrent source measure unit (SMU) instruments in the 4200A-SCS simplify your laser diode testing. Generate LIV (Light intensity-Current-Voltage) curves with connections to only a single box. Advanced probe station and switch support means you can use the same instrument for on-wafer production testing of individual diodes or entire arrays. SMUs can be configured for up to 21 W capabilities for a variety of continuous wave (CW) VCSEL applications.

Nanoscale Device Characterization

The integrated instrument capabilities of the 4200A-SCS simplify the measurement requirements in developing nanoscale electronics such as carbon nanotubes. Start your investigations from a preconfigured test project and expand your work from there. A pulsed source mode for SMUs helps reduce overheating problems can be combined with low voltage C-V and ultra-fast pulsed DC measurements in seconds.

Resistivity of Materials

Use a 4200A-SCS with integrated SMUs to easily measure resistivity using a four-point collinear probe or van der Pauw method. Included tests perform repetitive van der Pauw calculations automatically, saving you valuable research time. A maximum current resolution of 10aA and input impedance of >10­­­­16 ohms give you more accurate and precise results.

MOSFET Characterization

The 4200A-SCS can hold all the instruments necessary for full characterization of MOS devices through component or on-wafer testing. Included tests and projects solve for oxide thickness of a MOSCap, threshold voltages, doping concentration, mobile ion concentration, and more. All these tests can be run at the touch of a button from a single instrument box.

Data Sheet Module Description Configure and Quote
4200-BTI-A ULTRA FAST BTI PKG Configure & Quote
4200A-CVIV I-V/C-V MULTI-SWITCH MODULE Configure & Quote
4200A-SCS PARAMATER ANALYZER APPLICATIONS GUIDEThis Materials Characterization Applications Guide offers tips and techniques for choosing between the Four-Point Collinear Probe or van Der Pauw methods for your resistivity measurements based on the type, shape, and thickness of your material and the…
Literature number: 1KW-60826-0
Application Note 02 Aug 2016
Measuring MOSFET Gate Charge with the 4200A-SCS Parameter Analyzer
This application note describes how to measure gate charge on a MOSFET based on the JEDEC Gate Charge Test Method using the 4200A-SCS Parameter Analyzer.
Literature number: 1KW-61388-0
Application Note 02 Oct 2018
Model 4200A-RM Rack Mount Kit Installation Instructions Model 4200A-RM Rack Mount Kit Installation Instructions
This document contains installation instructions for the Model 4200A-RM Rack-Mount Kit, a fixed rack-mount kit for cabinet mounting of the Keithley 4200A-SCS Semiconductor Characterization System.
Part number: 071348701
4200A-SCS Clarius+ Software Suite V1.5
This version of Clarius+ is only supported on Microsoft Windows 10. If installed on the 4200A-SCS system with a Clarius+ release prior to V1.4, contact Keithley, a Tektronix company, at to upgrade the parameter analyzer.If installing on a personal…
Part number: 4200A-CLARIUS-V1.5
Model 4200A-SCS Clarius V1.5 Software Release Notes The Clarius+ software application suite is the software for the 4200A-SCS.…
Part number: 077132606
Model 4200A-CVIV Multi-Switch User‚s Manual User‚s manual for the 4200A CV-IV multi-switch.
The Keithley Instruments Model 4200A-CVIV Multi-Switch User‚s Manual provides detailed product, connection, accessory, application, and Clarius+ software information.
Part number: 4200A-CVIV-900-01C
Primary User
Model 4200A-SCS Parameter Analyzer Reference Manual The Model 4200A-SCS Parameter Analyzer Reference Manual provides detailed instruction…The Model 4200A-SCS Parameter Analyzer Reference Manual provides detailed instruction for the 4200A. It includes hardware information, such as connection information and SMU, PGU, PMU, and CVU descriptions. It also includes descriptions of the Clarius,…
Part number: 4200A-901-01E
Primary User
DC I-V and AC Impedance Testing of Organic FETs
This application note outlines how to optimize DC I-V and AC impedance measurements on OFETs using the 4200A-SCS Parameter Analyzer. Timing parameters, noise reduction, shielding, proper cabling, and other important measurement considerations for…
Literature number: 1KZ-61313-0
Application Note 11 Jun 2018
4200A-SCS Parameter Analyzer Datasheet

Literature number: 1KW-60780-4
Keithley Instrumentation for Electrochemical Test Methods and Applications
This application note discusses a variety of electrochemical applications, including voltammetry, low and high resistivity measurements, battery test, potentiometry, electrodeposition, electrical device characterization, and other tests that involve…
Literature number: 1KW-60158-1
Application Note 25 Apr 2018
Using the 4200A-CVIV Multi-Switch to Make High Voltage and High Current C-V Measurements
This application note explains the implementation of the bias tee modes of the 4200A-CVIV to make high voltage C-V measurement. It assumes the reader is familiar with making C-V measurements with the Keithley 4200A-SCS using the CVIV.
Literature number: 1KW-61356-0
Application Note 17 Apr 2018
Switch Time between Pulse IV and CV measurements using the 4225-RPM.
The RPM eliminates the need to re-cable and increases switching speed between Pulsed IV and CV measurements.  However, we do not specify the switching time for the RPMs in the data sheets. A simple test using a MDO3102 yeided the below approximate switch…
FAQ ID: 469646 16 Apr 2018
Simplifying MOSFET and MOSCAP Device Characterization e-Guide
Answering Your Questions on Tools and TechniquesThis e-guide answers some common questions about making better semiconductor measurements, with a focus on DC I-V and capacitance-voltage (C-V) measurements. It also touches on more specific applications and how you can simplify making the measurements…
Literature number: 1KW-60780-1
Brochure 12 Apr 2018
4200A-SCS Clarius+ Software Suite V1.4.1
This version of Clarius+ is only supported on Microsoft Windows 10. If installed on the 4200A-SCS system with a Clarius+ release prior to V1.4, contact Keithley, a Tektronix company, at to upgrade the parameter analyzer.If installing on a personal…
Part number: 4200A-CLARIUS-V1.4.1
Model 4200A-SCS Clarius V1.4.1 Software Release Notes The Clarius+ software application suite is the software for the 4200A-SCS.…
Part number: 077132605
Upgrade Your 4200-SCS System and Protect Your Investment
Upgrade your 4200-SCS Parameter Analyzer to the 4200A-SCS - the industry's highest performance analyzer - and accelerate I-V, C-V, and ultra-fast pulsed I-V testing of your complex devices for materials research, semiconductor device design, process…
Literature number: 1KW-60873-1
Fact Sheet 22 Feb 2018

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