Keithley SMU 2400 Graphical Series SourceMeter

Keithley’s touchscreen graphical source measure unit instruments bring an intuitive experience to your bench for power sourcing and measurement needs.

Applications: Discrete devices, components, FETs, diodes, resistors, batteries, power management ICs, solar cells, LEDs, nanomaterials, organic materials, etc.

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  • Source up to 10A Pulse, 7A DC, 200V, 1000W
  • Measure down to 10fA, 100nV
  • Simultaneous 1MSample/ s voltage and current digitizing
  • Built-in TSP scripting technology and SCPI compatibility

For choices outside that range, or for two-channel SMU instruments, consider either the 2600B or 2650 Series SMU instruments on our SMU family page.


Keithley SMU 2400 Graphical Series SourceMeter