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Keithley 2790 Airbag and Electrical Device Test System

These high voltage, multichannel resistance measurement solutions speed and simplify electrical checks of airbag inflators and a variety of other automotive electrical test applications. They combine all the sourcing, measurement, and signal routing capabilities required to measure insulation resistance and conductor continuity in one compact, affordable package. A memory pattern test sequencer allows the mainframe to store and execute pre-programmed test sequences to ensure high testing throughput.


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US $3,630 - US $11,600
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Programmable constant V source (50–500V) Supports high speed, high resistance measurements.
Programmable constant I source (0–50mA) with dry circuit clamp Helps prevent device stress or damage during low resistance measurements.
Modular architecture Adapts easily to single or dual inflator testing and to single or dual position test stands and mixed device/signal applications.
GPIB, RS -232, and digital I/O interfaces Eases integration with external test hardware.
2-year module calibration cycle Reduces maintenance costs and system downtime.
View Datasheet Data Sheet Module Description
View Datasheet 7751 500V SOURCE/SWITCH CARD Description
View Datasheet 7752 SOURCE/SWITCH CARD Description
View Datasheet 7753 HIGH VOLT SOURCE SWITCH MODULE Description