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Source Measure Units

Application Notes

Measuring Low Resistance Devices with High Current Using the Model 2460 SourceMeter SMU Instrument


Source Measure Unit (SMU) instruments or SourceMeter® instruments can simplify making low resistance measurements with high current stimulus. A SourceMeter instrument is capable of sourcing and measuring both current and voltage.

Solution Briefs

Source Measure Units - Save Time, Space and Money and Make Multiple Measurements Accurately Using a Single Instrument


Learn how the integrated five-in-one functionality of just one source measure unit (SMU) instrument eliminates many of the issues associated with using multiple instruments, including workspace clutter, measurement insight delays and much higher costs. See how using a SMU can save you space, time - and even money. 

Current-Voltage Made Accurate and Simple

Current-Voltage Made Accurate and Simple


In our webinar we look at ten common applications, from LEDs and Laser Diodes to measuring power efficiency of power management ICs and solar cells. 

Case Studies

Overcoming Source Measurement Obstacles - MPI Corporation


With VCSEL applications being a key focus market, MPI Corporation needed a source measure unit (SMU) that was well-suited for a variety of testing applications, including VCSEL testing, LIV testing, and laser diode testing.  This case study examines how Keithley's innovative and efficient 2601B-PULSE 10 Microsecond Pulse/SMU Instrument has enabled MPI to provide ideal solutions for their customers.