Opening a new level of insight into debugging of Performance Mixed Signal Designs

Discover the MSO70000, the industry's ONLY performance Mixed Signal Oscilloscope



  • Using iCapture™ - built-in connection for Analog/Digital visibility on a single channel
  • With the versatile connectivity of solder-in differential probes
  • Using Bus-specific and logic qualified triggers to focus on the right signals


  • With the uncompromised acquisition system of a Tektronix scope
  • With the digital timing resolution of a high-performance logic analyzer
  • Displayed in time-correlated view of both analog and digital in an MSO


By simultaneously monitoring and decoding serial and parallel buses

  • To quickly find events on captured records


With a brand new DDR analysis toolset that complies with JEDEC standards

  • Using over 30 different analysis packages can run on the MSO70000 Series

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Advanced Methods for DDR Verification and Debug Webinar

View this comprehensive webinar that covers testing techniques that will save you time. The webinar includes tips on improving signal access to DRAM's, information on how to separate read & write bursts for faster verification and more important topics.

UPDATED For 2011! Get your FREE Oscilloscope Primer

After reading this primer, you will be able to:

  • Describe how oscilloscopes work
  • Describe the differences between analog, digital storage, digital phosphor, and digital sampling oscilloscopes
  • Describe electrical waveform types
  • Understand basic oscilloscope controls
  • Take simple measurements

MSO70000 Industry Comparison

Watch these short videos and learn how the Tektronix MSO70404 compares to the Agilent MSO9404A. You'll see demonstrations of the two instruments and learn about differences in display size and standard capabilities


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