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Oscilloscope Software

Get more out of your Tektronix oscilloscope by downloading one of our many oscilloscope software solutions and applications. Add oscilloscope capabilities to your PC, remotely manage and control your oscilloscope unit, and expand the capabilities of the instruments on your bench with free and premium Tektronix oscilloscope software.


Turn your PC into an oscilloscope with TekScopeTM

With TekScope PC Analysis Software, you can analyze waveforms anytime from anywhere by turning your PC into an oscilloscope. Download the free basic version of this oscilloscope software to scale and measure waveforms, or upgrade to the premium version to access more advanced capabilities like multi-scope analysis, bus decoding, power analysis, jitter analysis and much more.


Oscilloscope software that allows engineers to analyze waveforms on a PC
Upload, store, and share oscilloscope waveforms to the TekDrive workspace

Share data across teams with TekDrive

TekDrive is a collaborative test and measurement workspace wherein users can upload, store, organize, search, download, and share files from any connected device. Because TekDrive is natively integrated into many oscilloscope models, users can seamlessly and securely share files without a USB flash drive.


Control your oscilloscope and arbitrary function generator with TekBench™

Connect your PC to a Tektronix oscilloscope and/or to an arbitrary function generator (AFG) and easily monitor and control them through an intuitive interface with TekBench Control Software. Capture and export results quickly and easily, perform automated frequency response measurements, and automatically data log measurements with TekBench oscilloscope software.


TekBench oscilloscope software captures and exports results, performs automated frequency response measurements, and logs data
Kickstart is software that can manage your oscilloscope and other bench instruments

Gather insights faster with KickStart

Interested in a full bench setup and control solution for DC power supplies, digital multimeters, source measure units (SMUs) and basic oscilloscopes? Keithley’s KickStart Software helps you get your instrument up and running faster, so you can start running tests and making measurements as soon as your instrument is out of the box. Collect data from multiple instruments and get quick statistical data summaries to make decisions and innovate faster. Kickstart also now embeds “specialty” applications, like the I-V characterizer to control SMUs as curve tracers and the High Resistivity app for volume and surface resistivity measurements on insulating materials. Get a 60-day trial to try before you buy.


Analyze RF and vector signals on your oscilloscope with SignalVu-PC

Working in the frequency domain? Validate your RF designs and speed your time-to-insight by using your oscilloscope and PC to analyze RF and vector signals. SignalVu-PC spectrum analyzer software shows the time-variant behavior of these signals and is ideal for validating designs for EMI/EMC pre-compliance testing, wideband radar, wireless LAN, or frequency-hopping communications.


SignalVu-PC allows engineers to analyze RF and vector signals on an oscilloscope
Oscilloscope software for characterizing wideband RF signals

Characterize wideband RF signals on an oscilloscope with SignalVu

Get the functionality of a vector signal analyzer, pulse analyzer, WiGig or WLAN tester, and spectrum analyzer when you download SignlaVu VSA Software onto your Tektronix oscilloscope. Characterize your wideband RF signals more easily by combining the analysis engine of a real-time signal analyzer with the powerful trigger capabilities of your oscilloscope.


Manage classroom labs with TekSmartLab™

Quickly set up and manage basic electronics classrooms with the industry's first network-based lab instrument management solution. TekSmartLab is ideal for engineering labs at colleges and universities looking for a way to centrally control instruments and improve the classroom experience for students, instructors, and lab managers.


Oscilloscope software for managing instruments in a classroom

Find the right oscilloscope software for your scope

Oscilloscope software Compatible with
TekScope Tektronix 4/5/6 Series MSO, 5LP/6LPD Series MSO (analyze waveform data and set up sessions), 3 Series MDO, DPO/MSO/MDO3000, DPO/MSO/MDO4000, DPO7000C, DPO/MSO70000C/D/DX/SX Series (analyze waveform data only)
TekDrive TBS1000C digital storage oscilloscope, TBS2000B digital storage oscilloscope, 5 Series MSO Mixed Signal Oscilloscope, 5 Series MSO Low Profile, 6 Series MSO Mixed Signal Oscilloscope, 6 Series Low Profile Digitizer, 6 Series B MSO Mixed Signal Oscilloscope
TekBench TBS2000B series, MSO/DPO2000B series and MDO3000 series
KickStart 3 Series MDO, MDO3000 Series, MDO4000 Series, MSO3000 Series, MSO4000 Series, DPO3000 Series, DPO4000 Series, TBS1000C Series, TBS2000B Series, TDS1000 Series, TDS2000 Series, TDS200 Series
SignalVu-PC All MSO and DPO oscilloscopes
SignalVu VSA MSO/DPO5000, DPO7000 and MSO/DPO70000 Series
TekSmartLab TBS1000B-EDU Series,TDS2000C Series,DPO/MSO2000B Series (Oscilloscope function only),Tektronix MDO3000 Series (Oscilloscope & spectrum analyzer function)