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TekExpress 400G-TXE - Supports OIF-CEI-56G-VSR, OIF-CEI-112G-VSR , OIF-CEI-56G-MR, OIF-CEI-56G-LR, IEEE-AUI4, IEEE-CR4 and IEEE-KR4 Conformance and Characterization Solution for Real Time Oscilloscopes - v10.2.0

400G-TXE offers streamlined and fully automated transmitter characterization OIF (VSR, LR and MR) and IEEE(802.3bs Draft 3.5 and 802.3cd Draft 3.5) PAM4 standards. It extends PAM4 software package for in-depth analysis and debug of fully automated OIF-CEI-56G-VSR, OIF-CEI-56G-MR, OIF-CEI-56G-LR, OIF-CEI-112G-VSR, IEEE-AUI4, IEEE-CR4 and IEEE-KR4 compliance test solution.
  • Version: v10.2.0.167
    Release Date:
  • Software Type: Application
    Part Number: 066209002

This software applies to: DPO73304DX, MSO73304DX, DPO73304SX, DPS73308SX, DPO75002SX, DPS75004SX, DPO77002SX, DPS77004SX

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