MSO/DPO3000 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

Looking for the MSO/DPO3000 Series at 100 MHz, 300 MHz and 500 MHz? You will find their replacements in the MDO3000 Series. These mixed domain oscilloscopes have a built-in spectrum analyzer, arbitrary/function generator and up to 1 GHz bandwidth.
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Feature-rich tools for debugging mixed signal designs.

With up to 500 MHz bandwidth and 2.5 GS/s sample rate, the MSO/DPO3000 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Series provides the performance you need for many of today's mainstream applications. With as many as 20 channels, you can analyze analog and digital signals with a single instrument. Combine that with automated serial and parallel bus analysis, innovative Wave Inspector® controls, and automated power measurements, and the MSO/DPO3000 Series provides the feature-rich tools you need to simplify and speed debug of your complex design.



Up to 4 analog and 16 digital channels Analyze analog and digital signals on a single instrument for system-level troubleshooting of complex designs.
Digital phosphor display Quickly discover glitches and infrequent events with a greater than 50,000 wfm/s waveform capture rate and intensity-graded display.
Complete set of triggers Rapidly capture signal anomalies with over 125 available trigger combinations, including setup/hold, serial packet content and parallel data.
Wave Inspector® controls Easily search, mark and navigate long record lengths to find all occurrences of your event.
Automated Measurements Simplify analysis of your device with 29 automated measurements, FFT analysis, measurement statistics, and advanced waveform math.
Parallel bus triggering and analysis (MSO Series) Quickly debug your parallel bus with automated trigger, decode and search. Capture fast transitions with timing resolution up to 121.2 ps.
Serial triggering and analysis (optional) Quickly debug common serial buses with automated trigger, decode and search - I2C, SPI, MIL-STD-1553, CAN, LIN, FlexRay, RS-232/422/485/UART and I2S/LJ/RJ/TDM.
Power analysis (optional) Achieve fast, accurate results with integrated automated power measurements.
Upgradable bandwidth   Purchase the performance you need today that fits your budget, and simply upgrade the bandwidth when your project requirements change.


MSO/DPO3000 Series vs. Agilent MSO/DSO7000A Fact SheetSide-by-side comparison on important features like serial triggering and decode, waveform navigation and search, and measurement and channel math. Competitive
MSO/DPO3000 vs Agilent MSO7000 Fact SheetSide-by-side comparison on important features like serial triggering and decode, waveform navigation and search, waveform capture rate, digital debug with MSO, and more. Competitive
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Side-by-side comparison on important features like display size, searching on analog and digital data, and setup and hold triggering.

Tektronix MSO/DPO3000 Series vs. Agilent DSO5000A Fact SheetCompare the Tektronix MSO/DPO3000 Series oscilloscope with the Agilent DSO5000A in this insightful product comparison. See why persistence modes are critical for taking measurements and learn the real story behind record length, search/navigation, serial decoding capabilities and more. Competitive
3000 X-Series vs. MSO/DPO3000 Series True Cost of Your Scope

Tektronix bench oscilloscopes are packed with innovative features to help you get your job done faster, built right into the scope. And, with a comprehensive set of probes and accessories included standard, you can start testing right out of the box. When comparing oscilloscopes, don’t forget to look at the “hidden” costs to get the configuration you need.

Testing a New Switch Mode Power Supply Design Poster

This poster gives an overview of key measurements on a new switch mode power supply (SMPS) design, from initial startup, to optimizing switching and magnetic losses, to validating overall performance  and getting ready for regulatory compliance.

Making MicroVolt Biomedical Measurements

Refined biomedical measurements easily and inexpensively.

Technical Brief
Debugging Serial Buses in Embedded System Designs

Learn the basics of the hardware protocols of the most common serial buses. Find out how to use the protocol trigger, decode and search capabilities of oscilloscopes to solve serial bus integration and debug challenges.

Application Note
How to Use a Mixed Signal Oscilloscope to Test Digital Circuits

Learn more about verifying and debugging complex designs with a Mixed Signal Oscilloscope (MSO).

Application Note
Introduction to Video MeasurementsIn this application note we demonstrate using a MDO/MSO/DPO oscilloscope to make video measurements. Application Note
Serial Support Using Tektronix Oscilloscopes and Optional Software

Tektronix oscilloscopes offer a portfolio of optional analysis capabilities to simplify serial bus debug or compliance verification. This selection matrix shows which serial standards are supported by each of the oscilloscope series.

Selection Guide
This short video compares the current measurement features of a Tektronix TCP0030 current probe connected to an MSO3054 oscilloscope and an Agilent 1147A current probe connected to an MSO-X 3054A…
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