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TekExpress M-PHY RX Automated Solution DPO-DSA-MSO70000-B-C - Win XP - Win7, V2.1.0

Tektronix TekExpress Automated Receiver M-PHY Test Software is a Windows-based application that runs on Tektronix Windows-based instruments.

Option M-PHYRX provides Simple 2-Instrument Setup based on Scope-integrated Error Detector, for single-button testing of M-PHY Receiver designs. This solution supports the latest M-PHY Base specification v1.0 and the M-PHY conformance test specification.

TekScope firmware V5.3.4.25 or later is required for DPO/DSA/MSO Scopes with Windows XP and TekScope firmware V6.4.0.8 or later is required for DPO/DSA/MSO scopes with Windows 7 as Operating System.

  • Version: V2.1.0
    Release Date:
  • Software Type: Application
    Part Number: 066135202

This software applies to: MSO70604 , DPO70604B , DSA70604B , DPO70604C , DSA70604C , MSO70604C , MSO70804 , DPO70804B , DSA70804B , DPO70804C , DSA70804C , MSO70804C , MSO71254 , DPO71254B , DSA71254B , DPO71254C , DSA71254C , MSO71254C , MSO71604 , DPO71604B , DSA71604B , DPO71604C , DSA71604C , MSO71604C , MSO72004 , DPO72004B , DSA72004B , DPO72004C , DSA72004C , MSO72004C , DPO72504D , DSA72504D , DPO73304D , DSA73304D

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