PQA Picture Quality Analyzer Software V3.0

-v3.0 changes from v2.6
- Upto 3x speed improvement for ADMOS and more than 2x for DMOS on new platform PQA600
- Input Spatial ROI feature: ability to choose and run measurement on Region of Interest in ref and test images
- Output Spatial ROI feature: ability to select and view the measurement scores for only a subset of image
- Output temporal ROI: ability to select and view overall score for any number of frames within temporal duration for which measurement is run
- Improved segment wise auto temporal alignment
- Auto temporal and spatial alignment from script
- Ctrl-C to stop script execution
- Graph view merged into charts pane in summary view
- Plot setup dialog to selectively view and edit traces of statistics of upto two measurement results
- Result csv cleaned up
- Fixed incorrect spatial correction issue when spatial shift values are -1
- Retaining the floating point precision while importing/exporting crop values from/to script to/from spatial tab
- No luma adjustment from spatial tab. To run auto alignment and correction for luma gain and offset, measurement needs to be edited and view node config to be changed.
- Fixed the issue of square root not being taken for stddev statistics.
- Fixed the issue of diff results from PQui and PQxml

  • Version: V3.0
  • Software Type: Application
  • Release Date:
  • Part Number: 063406604

This software applies to: PQA500

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