Test Script Builder Software Suite Version J03 (Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista Compatible)

"Keithley Instruments Test Script Builder (TSB) is a software tool that simplifies building and creating test scripts. It includes built-in color coding, debugging tools, and error handling. You can use TSB to perform the following operations:

- Send remote commands and Lua statements
- Receive responses (data) from commands and scripts
- Upgrade instrument firmware
- Create, manage, and run user scripts
- Debug scripts
- Import factory scripts to view or edit and convert to user scripts

Updated to add support for new Model 2470 SourceMeter.

This software applies to: 2450, 2460, 2461, 2470, 2601A, 2601B, 2602, 2602A, 2602B, 2604B, 2606B, 2611, 2611A, 2611B, 2612, 2612A, 2612B, 2614B, 2634B, 2635, 2635A, 2635B, 2636, 2636A, 2636B, 2651A, 2657A, 3706, 3706-S, 3706A, 3706A-S, 707B, 708B, DAQ6510, DMM6500, DMM7510, DMM7512

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