Optical Solutions

3D Sensing Defining Requirements for Electrical Test of Optical Devices

Consumer electronics and automotive industry are increasing adopting VCSEL enabled 3D sensing technology. Tektronix/Keithley brings expertise in electrical tests, including light intensity, forward voltage, lasing threshold current, dark current, kink test, thermistor resistance, temperature, and the full spectrum of L-I-V pulse testing of laser diodes, HBLEDs and optical devices.

Computers and Peripherals

Our oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, and signal sources are widely valued for general circuit debugging and validation. We work in parallel with standards development to build solutions based on our oscilloscopes, BERTs, and arbitrary waveform generators to enable automated compliance and validation testing of high-speed serial buses.

Consumer Electronics and Appliances

Ready to get building? Whether you are testing a new chipset, designing a new wireless module, or integrating IoT technologies into your latest design, Tektronix testing solutions will help you get your design to market faster. Avoiding costly delays and rework has never been easier, or more affordable, than with Tektronix pre-compliance testing and debugging solutions.

Semiconductor Design and Manufacturing

High speed digital interfaces necessitate faster PHY validation cycles for microprocessors, chipsets and systems. Speedier debugging, protocol decoding and identifying jitter & noise from sources such as crosstalk are critical requirements for designers.


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