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Visualize and characterize devices and components with precision and accuracy using the powerful, industry leading RSA5000B Real Time Spectrum Analyzer. This advanced spectrum analyzer makes high performance and sensitivity measurements for spurious signals much faster than other spectrum analyzers, so you can conduct conventional measurements and troubleshoot quickly, accurately and successfully. See all spectrum / Signal analyzers »

Max Frequency Range

1 Hz to 26.5 GHz

Max Real Time BW and SDFR

165 MHz @ -80 dBc

DANL @ 2 GHz, preamp

-167 dBm/Hz

TOI @ 2 GHz

+17 dBm


Outstanding RF performance, every day


With its outstanding RF performance, generous feature set and easily accessible standard controls, you can rely on the RSA5000B every day. The impressive sweep speed with high sensitivity lets you complete a 10 GHz span sweep with a noise floor of -110 dBm/Hz in just 22 seconds, and multiple traces, markers and standard measurements are always at the ready.


  • Familiar, independent controls: RBW, VBW, Quasi Peak detector, Zero-Span
  • Comprehensive measurements: Channel Power, OBW, ACRL, Spurious, CCDF, Spectrogram
  • Simultaneously see events in frequency, time domains, and real time

Wideband signal analysis: design with confidence


The RSA5000B offers signal analysis that’s both wide and highly accurate. The accuracy allows you to make higher margins in your measurements. The fact that it is wide allows you to rest assured that you’ll find what you’re seeking.


  • Wideband analysis with great dynamic range: 165 MHz with 80 dBc SFDR
  • Frequency Response for 165 MHz BW: ±0.4 dB, 1.5°
  • Options for WLAN, Bluetooth, ZigBee, Pulsed Analysis, and more

See real problems in real-time: DPX® technology


Discover the most difficult, hard-to-find problems with industry-best, powerful real-time architecture. Advanced, proprietary DPX® technology lets you see RF characteristics practically invisible to a conventional spectrum analyzer. Fully controllable and independent settings for Span, RBW, VBW in real time displays.


  • Detect any signal greater than 434 nsec with 100% probability of intercept—the industry’s best performance
  • Fastest FFT engine: up to 3.125M FFTs/second
  • Most complete: DPX Spectrum, DPX Spectrogram, DPX Zero Span
  • Most powerful triggers: Frequency Mask, DPX Density, Runt, Level, Time Qualification for all triggers


MXA N9020B
EXA N9010B
Frequency Range 1 Hz to 3, 6,2, 15, 26.5 GHz 16 kHz to 14, 26.5 GHz  9 KHz to 3, 7.5 GHz 10 Hz to 26.5 GHz 10 Hz to 3.6, 7, 13.6, 26.5, 32, 44 GHz 10 Hz to 40 GHz 9 kHz to 3 GHz, 6 GHz, 18 GHz
Maximum BW 165 MHz 800  MHz 40 MHz 160 MHz 40 MHz 160 MHz 28 MHz
SFDR at Maximum Capture BW -80 dBc -60 dBc -70 dBc  -69 dBc -80 dBc -65 dBc -60 dBc
Phase Noise: 1 GHz CF, 10 KHz offset -109 dBc/Hz -134 dBc/Hz (typ mean) -94 dBc/Hz -113 dBc/Hz -107 dBc/Hz -106 dBc -98 dBc
Third-order Intercept at 2 GHz +17 dBm + 24 dBm (typ) +15 dBm +16 dBm +18 dBm +13 dBm +10 dBm
Displayed Noise  with Preamp,
2 GHz
-164 dBm/Hz -164 dBm/Hz -161 dBm/Hz -163 dBm/Hz -160 dBm/Hz -150 dBm/Hz -152 dBm/Hz
ACLR DyN/Amic Range (WCDMA) -75 db -67 db -68 dB -73 dB -73 dB -73 dB Not Specified
Amplitude Accuracy @ 2 GHz ±0.3 dB ±0.13 dB (typ) ±0.2 dB ±0.23 dB ±0.27 dB ±0.4 dB ±0.5 dB
RTSA: Min. Event Duration for 100% Probability of Intercept, full amplitude 0.434 µsec 0.70 µsec 100 µsec 3.57 µsec N/A N/A N/A
RTSA: max number of FFT/sec 3,125,000 1,470,000 10,000 292,969 N/A N/A N/A
RTSA: Multiple Domain Displays Yes Yes Yes Yes N/A N/A N/A
RTSA: Multiple Domain Correlated Markers  Yes Yes Yes N/A N/A N/A N/A


Radar and EW done right


Verify and validate that radar and electronic warfare systems and subsystems are working as intended, and troubleshoot when they are not. Control analysis from the time domain to get better insights into the frequency domain to ensure proper operation. See and test the smallest details and the larger trends of pulsed signals.


  • Pulse Measurement (Opt 20) characterizes 31 pulse parameters
  • Cumulative statistics on millions of pulses for long term trend analysis
  • Best triggering: find the pulses you need to investigate further
  • Real Time DPX Spectrum and Zero Span help view trends and provide insight

Spectrum Management and Spectrum Monitoring


Unmatched "stare" bandwidth helps detect, classify and locate signals of interest, making the RSA5000 ideal for interference hunting. Detect bursted signals of interest and low signal-to-noise ratio signals other analyzers miss, and rely on long record spectrogram for signal history and frequency mask trigger with alarms aids documentation and unattended monitoring.


  • 165 MHz real time bandwidth with 80 dBc SFDR
  • Swept DPX display finds transient signals across entire 26.5 GHz frequency range
  • Real time DPX spectrogram with over 60,000 traces records hours of high POI spectrum traces
  • Streaming IQ option for 3rd party device long term signal recording

EMI Pre-compliance & Diagnostics


Perform pre-compliance measurements with quasi-peak detector and spurious measurements to quickly asses DUTs and ensure they will pass final EMI compliance testing. If there are failures, use powerful Real Time Spectrum Analysis (RTSA) to understand the mechanism and quickly identify root cause.


  • Spurious measurements with pre saved limits to the FCC, CISPR, ETSI, ANSI standards
  • Faster measurements for high sensitivity: spend less time with spurious measurements due to unique wide band spectrum analysis architecture
  • Quasi-peak detector lets you test the same way the Compliance lab tests
  • Real time displays to visualize and investigate failures: save time by seeing live RF spectrum

RF troubleshooting for the most difficult problems


Discover infrequently occurring signals, trigger on them, capture the signal into memory and analyze the signal fully. Track down problems with the interaction of hardware and software, power supply noise, and other difficult to measure aspects in the RF space.


  • See the signals that other analyzers miss, in real time
  • Save time and gain insight with synchronized frequency, time and modulation displays without switching between modes