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What are my software options for my DAS-1800 or DAS-1700 Series Board?

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What are my software options for my DAS-1800 or DAS-1700 Series Board?

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Software Options for Programming a DAS-1800 or DAS-1700 Series Board

Base Drivers
LabVIEW Support
TestPoint Support

Three distinct drivers have been released for support of the DAS-1800 or DAS-1700 Series of boards: Standard Software for DOS, Advanced Software Option (ASO) for DOS or Windows, and DriverLINX.

Standard Software for DOS: Standard software was distributed free with each board purchased. It included utilities to install, configure, test, calibrate and program a board from a DOS-based BASIC language. Version 4.13 is the final release of this driver and is available from the software downloads section of the web site.

Advanced Software Option (ASO): ASO extended the programming language support to C and Pascal under both DOS and Windows. ASO was originally released for operation in Win3.x with early 16bit compilers (VB, C). The life of ASO was extended for use with 32bit compilers (versions 4.0 and higher) by a separate update file (asowin95.exe). Installation of both the 16bit driver and the 32bit update is required for use with 32bit compilers. However, use of ASO is limited to Win98 or earlier. The function calls of ASO have the K_xxxx syntax such as K_OpenDriver and are often called "K calls".
The DAS-1700 and DAS-1800 Series boards are not Plug-And-Play devices so will not show up in Windows' Device Manager when using ASO. Instead, ASO relies upon a configuration file to know the hardware resources (I/O address, IRQ and DMA) that your boards uses. Refer to the Manuals in the Document Center for more detail on use of the ASO driver.

Version 4.13 is the final release of this driver and is available from the software downloads section of the web site.

DriverLINX: DriverLINX is a native 32bit driver for Windows 95 through Windows XP. Although the hardware is still not a Plug-And-Play device, DriverLINX works with Windows to assign available resources to board and the board will show up in Device Manager (the user must move the base address switch on the card to agree with the I/O address setting assigned by DriverLINX and Windows).

DriverLINX is a hardware independent driver for programming data acquisition boards. For example, the same DriverLINX code that scans analog input channels of a DAS-1800 Series board can be used with any of the KPCI boards that have the same hardware features (number of channels, gains, scan rate, etc.). The calls are the same because the underlying driver files handle the hardware differences. Thus the required code does not change, and time invested in application development (using VB, LabVIEW, C++, etc.) is easily ported to new hardware when using DriverLINX. Extensive example programs for use of DriverLINX are available in the download center, in the DriverLINX Tutorial Manual, or on your CD.

There has been only one CD release of DriverLINX for DAS-1800 Series (SF-044A01) and one release for DAS-1700 Series (SF-045A01). If you do not have this CD, the contents can be obtained from the download center of the web site.

However, the current release of DriverLINX is version DAS1800-850A01.0.0.5 or DAS1700-850A01.0.0.2. The base DriverLINX driver (from the CD) plus a driver update file (from the web) must be installed to obtain these version levels.

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DAS-1800 or DAS-1700 with LabVIEW: an extensive set of VIs based upon the DriverLINX driver are available. These VIs require LabVIEW 5.0 or higher and the properly installed and configured DriverLINX driver for the board. The DriverLINX Configuration Panel has a LabVIEW tab on which a device number for LabVIEW is assigned.

The current version of this package of VIs is available by download from the software downloads section of Version 1.0.3 is the current release (c:\drvlinx4\system\drvlinx4.log).

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DAS-1800 or DAS-1700 with TestPoint: TestPoint can interface to either the ASO driver or to DriverLINX to operate the hardware. However, the interface to DriverLINX is much more automatic than for ASO. Consult the FAQs and driver update sections for "TestPoint" to obtain the latest driver updates and troubleshooting information on how TestPoint finds A/D boards.

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