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What is the most efficient way to solve a plug-in board conflict in your PC?

Question :

What is the most efficient way to solve a plug-in board conflict in your PC?

Answer :

When a plug-in-board conflicts with other peripheral boards in the computer, the typical symptoms are lock-ups, 'could not initialize' errors, and sometimes even erroneous data. Every board in your PC must have a unique base address and, often, a unique IRQ and DMA channel as well. Windows 95's plug-and-play bios was designed to help sort out the allocation of these resources automatically, eliminating all possible conflicts. However, the plug-and-play procedure sometimes fails to detect some plug-in-boards --especially ISA-bus boards -- so conflicts may occur among such devices. The quickest way to find out if your plug-in data acquisition board is conflicting with other plug-in boards in your PC, is to temporarily unplug these boards (i.e., network boards, sound boards, modem boards, etc.), one at a time, until the problem is eliminated. Then, using the device manager, you should review and document the resources consumed by each board and determine which boards are calling for the same resources. To correct the resource conflict, you will have to modify the resources required by at least one of the conflicting boards.

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