WVR5200 Rasterizer

Multi-format, multi-standard and compact.

The WVR5200 waveform rasterizer offers uncompromised monitoring quality with sharp CRT-like traces, SD/HD monitoring, a range of software options, and an upgrade path to 3G-SDI.

This portable video waveform rasterizer weighs less than 3 kg. and provides an ideal solution for basic video and audio monitoring needs in a convenient 1RU half-rack short depth form factor, suitable for space-constrained environments. The WVR5200 supports options to accept power from a 12 VDC source or a 100-240 VAC converter.



4 Tile monitoring Streamline the camera set up process overlaying the Waveform & Vector or Waveform & Lightning displays, plus Picture Thumbnail, in a single tile display.
4-SDI channel simultaneous monitoring (Option CAM) Quick-and-easy setup of multiple cameras during content acquisition.
Audio Loudness monitoring / measurement capabilities (Option LOUD + Option AUD) Monitor the loudness changes between programs and commercials ATSC A85 and ITU 1770/1771 Recommendations.
Advanced color gamut displays (Spearhead and Luma Qualified Vector – LQV displays) which work in conjunction with Diamond gamut display (Option PROD) Provides the most comprehensive color gamut monitoring tool for precise color gamut adjustments.
Multi-rate Color Bar and Pathological Signal Generator (Option GEN) Provides engineers with a simple signal source for quick signal path verification during system and/or equipment setup and troubleshooting.
16-channel embedded AES audio monitoring (Option AUD) Monitor levels on 16 channels simultaneously.


Data SheetAccessoryDescription
VTSRACK-L1 Full rack (19), full depth, 1RU adapter (with 1.75 rack space) to fit one WVR5200, WVR5000, WVR4000, or SPG300
VTSRACK-S2 Full rack (19), short depth, 1RU adapter (with zero clearance mounting) to fit one or two (side by side) WVR5200

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