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A Unifying Instrumentation Solution


The Implementor tool makes design for debug simple. The tool is used during the design phase to plan the debug infrastructure and automatically insert the infrastructure into the original RTL description of the design.

The OptiRank algorithm provides optimal signal capture recommendations. Using your RTL, the OptiRank algorithm analyzes, organizes, and ranks signals based upon interconnectedness, equivalency, your constraints, and your expert judgment.  OptiRank will make recommendations for optimal signal capture coverage while leaving you in complete control.

In just a few clicks, the Implementor generates a specialized RTL-based hardware infrastructure based on your signal capture requirements and inserts it into your existing RTL for seamless integration with any CAD flow.  The easy to use graphical user interface allows you to easily configure the capture memory size and observation network structure and gives instant feedback on gate cost.

The Implementor operates hierarchically on the RTL, so individual blocks or subsystems may be instrumented independently from each other and at the top level.



Debug quickly and thoroughly with logic analyzer-style views and advanced trigger conditions that use your RTL-level naming.  Make use of built-in compression and conditional capture to obtain traces of over 1 millions clock cycles, time-correlated to your triggers and aligned across all internal timing domains simultaneously.

The easy-to-use graphical interface can save the capture configurations so you can repeat them later under different tests.  For example, you can run the same test, but capture more data after the trigger while adding additional signals.  The Analyzer makes it easy to extract anything you need, simply and easily.