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Automated Quality Control for file-based content in Cloud Media Workflows

In Cloud Media Workflows, Content Analysis for Quality Control (QC) of file-based video ingested from different sources, encoded at different bit rates / formats and utilizing different compression standards for SD/HD, VOD or IPTV delivery presents considerable challenges to QC teams.

QCloud is a fully automated Cloud QC platform that will ensure the integrity, compliance and quality of media in Cloud workflow. Optimized to be used on Amazon Web Services, QCloud is a highly scalable platform that can operate on a single EC2 instance or can be run on hundreds of EC2 instance to meet workflow scale requirements. QCloud is pre-integrated with most popular 3rd party video servers, automation or asset/media management systems to ensure smooth inter-operability.





Network Interfaces



Encoding Errors, AFD detection & change, Syntax Errors, Format, Bit Rate, Quantization, Frame Rate, GOP Length/bit rate/P-frame tests, Aspect Ratio, Color Format, Buffer Analysis, File Size, Correct PID, CableLabs VoD Compliance, Number of Video and Audio Streams, Number of Audio Channels/Tracks, Video Playtime, Signal Levels, Gamut, Luminance, Chrominance, Black Frame Detection, Video Quality (Blockiness), Freeze Frame Detection, Field Order, Quantization, Cadence, Missing Frame, Audio Playtime, Peak and Minimum Levels, Audio Loss, Clipping, Silence, Mute, Test Tones, Multitrack Audio Testing, Peak Audio-level Reporting, Audio Loudness Testing per ATSC A/85 and EBU R128, PPM Audio Ballistics, Loudness Tests across Multiple Tracks, Dolby-E Guard Band Interval, Automated Audio Loudness Normalization, Closed Caption, Teletext, and DVB Subtitles: Presence and Standards Compliance, Timecode Continuity, Integrity, and Synchronization across Timecode pairs, Photosensitive Epilepsy (PSE) Testing per U.K.'s OfCom & Japan NAB specifications


MPEG TS/PS, MXF, GXF, MP4, QuickTime, ASF (Windows Media), 3GPP, AVI, LXF, Apple HLS, Microsoft SS





No Capital ExpenseGet started quickly without needing capital upfront
Metered paymentUsage based payment model ensures one only pays for QC services consumed
Instant & infinite ScalabilityEnsures QC service available ALWAYS scales to the need of the workflow – never too big, never too small
Amazon S3 content accessibleQC content from your Amazon S3 account without having to move content for QC
Automated objective testingImprove consistency of results, levels of quality and find errors many visual inspections will miss
Processes multiple files simultaneously on standard PC and server platformsCost-effective, software-only solution that runs on customer’s PC hardware
User definable test templatesEnable Conformance Agreements for content exchange between content suppliers and broadcasters
Logs all testing and resultsDetailed reports provide an audit trail of testing
Multi-user intuitive browser interfaceWeb-based user control for local and remote sites
Integrates with video servers and automationStreamlined automated workflow
User definable quality levelsAllows QC managers to define required quality levels for different content types, uses and delivery channels
Configurable by the number of channels requiredLowest entry price for Auto-QC, and enables expansion from a single channel as throughput increases
Straightforward email-friendly template sharing across all installed QCloud solutionsWork to the same standards as the content distribution ingest or push standards back to content creation
CeriTalk interfaceEnables Automation and Asset Management systems to control testing and receive results
Photo Sensitive Epilepsy (PSE)Enables detection of video material that may cause epileptic seizures in certain individuals